BES offers specialist Wind Engineerng services for Architectural and Building sector, focused with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques. Similar technologies is being widely used in Automobile and Aerospace industries. Facade windBES advance design team has been successful in bringing the techically advance services to the building industry and made positive impact on several projects ranging from tall buildings and complex forms. CFD techniques bring variety of design optimisation resulting highly optimised wind loads on the building rathar than adopting conservative approach. This advance technics has helped BES in delivering fully integrated and Highly optimised design solutions for Architectural and Building problems.

Wind engineering studies shall be applied to Architectural design at micro or micro level ranging from various stages covering masterplan level to building layouts and designs.

BES has recently completed Cladding / Facade wind pressure studies for several tall buildings, which has helped the facade designs to achieve optimised and accurate estimation of Facade design wind pressures rather than conservative approach. This has resulted optimum design solutions with significant cost savings.

Building Specialist Designs and Simulations

BES uses state of the art design tools and implement cutting edge technologies to enhance, optimise and stretch the design boundaries, these will greatly help our clients and projects.

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