Existing Buildings

BES team design and implementation knowledges greatly help in investigations / due diligences / audits to deal with poor performances and remedial measures to an existing building. Our knowledge on Existing building facades replacements, renovation, retrofitting works, helps to bring practical and economical solutions. These works requires a completely new approach and better understandings of limitations and reality.

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Diagnose and Find Solutions for Building Issues

BES helps to investigate and find solutions for defects and performance issues with the existing buildings. Team has specific experiences with building retrofitting / replacement / facelift works. We are specialised in Periodical Facade Inspections as per Singapore BCA regulations, expertise to inspect all types of building facades.

glass failures
facade defects and failures
glass failures
glass facade failures
stone facade defect
glass defects
Roof repair
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Risk Analysis and Rectification Solutions

Our Specialist services for existing buildings includes Analysis, recommendations and retrofitting solutions to mitigate potential risk of fire hazards. Our team has good expertise in dealing with Building Facade Fire Accidents includes post accident investigations, covering risk mitigation and retrofitting designs and advises.

Mitigations measures with detailed solutions

Tests and verifications

Fire propagations and smoke spread

Roof - Extensive experiences with design and Rectification solutions

glass skylights
metal roofing
Roof repair
roof leakage repair
metal roof structure

Design and Rectification Solutions

Our experiences on roof and roofing build-ups helps the client to provide holistic design and rectification solutions, covering new or existing roofs. We specialised on following specific aspects

  • All types of Roofs and roof built-ups
  • Roof strengthening, structural issues
  • Weather performances issues
  • Diagnosis Air and Water leakages
  • Interfacing – Design and retrofitting
  • Thermal issues, condensations

Our approach to existing buildings focused with systematic approach, end to end solutions

Our Systematic Approach covering all aspects until issues are fixed to the highest quality and expectations

Slide Step 01 Our Team will carryout detailed inspections using advance tools and gadgets Inspections Step 04 Help the client to find capable repair agency to fix defects as per BES designs Rectification Step 06 We carryout stringent tests until repair works are proven to long last Site Test & Verify Step 03 Find suitable and most practical solutions designed for practical aspects Design & Solutions Step 02 Analyse data, site conditions to find root causes, use our senior expertise Diagnose Step 05 Our senior team monitor repairs, bring quality, protect the client interest Monitor Repairing

Our approach to existing buildings focused with advance technology and innovative techniques, these requires continuous financial and resource investment.  These strategy has proven with high quality and accurate building analysis and diagnosis which will help to fix the building defects more correctly rather than just simple visual inspections.


Skills & Training, Technologies, R &D, Tools and Techniques, Trainings, Hardware and software


Modern Diagnosis methods, familiar with material, Best Techniques and Senior experts

Tools and Gadgets

Non Invasive techniques, NDT, Quantitative assessments, Tracking methods

International Networks

Use Global experts, Share wider regional knowledge, Not a conservative approach

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If you are dealing with Existing Building defects & issues, wish to speak to our Experts for solutions