Building Envelope/Facades

New generation designs requires multi discipline skills and integrations to understand the design better and deliver smart designs as a coordinated and resolved approach. Our unique integration of skills enables us to deliver greater value from design to implementation process, we believe our approach will strive to achieve innovative, successful and cost effective solutions to our clients.

We have adopted 3D design platform on our main stream of works, our design is fully integrated with 3D and Sustainable design aspects right from concept to implementation. Our capability not just rely on traditional facade engineering, but we have strong team for advanced 3D designs, Glass Engineering and complex Engineering, Sustainable designs,. etc..


Iconic Projects Delivered

BES has impressive track record of unique architectural designs delivered with high quality. The team has played key role in several successfully completed projects in the region.

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Our Strong Team on Ground for Construction Phase Support

BES team strength not just limit to designs, BES has professionally trained international experienced facade specialists for building facade site work supervisions, monitoring, implementing qualities on ground. Our team shall help the client to achieve expected quality and implementation strictly comply to design.


Review materials, lab tests, approve samples, check production, set bench marks and rejection criteria and track quality


Inspect to tols, quality, storage and handling
Implement systematic checking with check lists. Inspect mockups and trial productions.

Site Installations

Inspect delivery, site storage and handling.
Interfaces and sealing, witness site tests and periodical inspection with followup.

Quality Control

Implementation of Stringent quality control, site inspections, tracking issues, followups until the defects are fixed. Relentlessly working for the better outcome of the works.