Architectural Engineering

Our skills in architectural-engineering involves advance and complex structures, new materials, composite structures to help the specific client requirements. Our Capability on Building Engineering Specialist services covering Pre-Fabricated / Pre-Engineered buildings, Steel Constructions, Architectural Structures, Complex 3D Structures/forms. BES building specialist capability covering Pre-Engineered buildings, steel buildings, Architectural structures, complex forms.

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Steel Engg.

Familiar with Steel constructions, architectural structures and detailing. Good knowledge on fabrication and construction techniques

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Architectural forms

Engg of buildable forms, architectural structures, buildable solutions. Skills on advanced 3d designs and geometry helps in challenging designs

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Integrated Designs

All elements are integrated such as main structures, facades, finishes, roof etc,. Multi discipline approach helps the integrated design delivery.

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Focussed in details of engineering connections and constructions methods based on architectural perspective

Slide Design from Concept to Construction Our 3D design works are fully integrated with Modelling, Design, Engineering, Detailing and Constructions. Our expertise not just limited to designs, models are prepared for Constructions with deeply integrated details for multi discipline 3D Designs Integrated BIM 3D building Slide Multi Discipline -Construction Models Our 3D design works are fully integrated Main building structure, Architectural, facades, Roofs and Services. Models are prepared Good For Construction 3D Designs Integrated steel 3d model Slide Engineering & Designs Our 3D design works are integrated with engineering designs seamlessly, no information lost, not working on broken down work flow. 3D Designs Integrated facade engineering Slide Engineering & Simulations Integrated workflow from concept to detailed engineering, Seamless design platform helps to adopt changes quickly and offer highly optimised and engineered solutions 3D Designs Integrated Engg optimisation Slide Details for Constructions 3D models are used for fabrication and construction, powerful parametric models used throughout the process from inception to implementations. 3D Designs Integrated steel building design Slide Concept to Construction Our 3d Team has good practical knowledge on detailing and constructions, not just modellers. This helps to improve quality of our 3D works & precisions for a successful implementations 3D Designs Integrated Building engineering

Architectural structures Advanced Geometry glass skylight-Mumbai Architectural Structures steel engineering Freeform Steel Structure JW marriott hotel facade Diagrid Steel Structure tall tower facade Iconic Designs and Engg

Architectural Engineering from Concept to Completion

Our Team has delivered iconic Architecture Engineering Structures showing our capability from design to implementations that uses multi discipline skills and construction techniques. BES team has in-depth involved from Concept to completion + Advance Geometry of Wrap structure (free form geometry)

Architectural structures fully integrated with facades, roof, structural and finishes.

Uses 3d modelling, advanced engineering, optimisations and fabrication skills for all sorts of complex architectural structures

Architectural Engineering Structures

3D designs and Advanced Structural Engg.

Passionate to work on iconic and unique architectural engineering designs, uses our integrated designs skills of Advanced Geometry, Structural Engineering, Steel Structures and in depth detailing capability. Our Skills not just limited to designs, expertise on fabrication techniques greatly helps the construction to build any kind of complex forms and iconic designs.

Not Just Designs, great knowledge on fabrication, handling and construction techniques. Provide end to end solutions

steel fabrications steel structures