Esplanade Mall

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BES scope of Services

  • Esplanade shopping mall facades designs
  • Advance Geometry and 3D Construction Model (for Fabrication)
  • Detailed Design, Engg & Free Form Steel Structure
  • Cladding Designs Fabrication Techniques
  • InstallationMethods and Site Quality Monitoring

Project Details :

Client : Forum Group

Architect: Practise Designs

Status: Completed

Project Brief

5 sty Mixed development – Shopping mall and Office building. Iconic Esplanade shopping Mall facade designs featured with entrance canopy wraps around the building like a cloth. BES scope covering Concept to completion + Advance Geometry of Wrap structure (free form geometry) BES has carried detailed engineering and Good for Construction drawigns including steel structure, roofing and cladding.

In addition to Esplanade Mall facade designs, BES team has played a key role in quality checking and site role, resulted high quality works achieved upon completion.

Key Design Elements

  • Freeform Wrap structure, forming folded geometry
  • Large Cantilever steel structure forming as canopy
  • Zinc cladding covering top and sofft
  • Cladding in a fish scale geometry

Complex forms - Advanced Geometry by BES

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Folded Geometry - Achieved as per Designs

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Designs in 3D by BES- for ease of fabrications

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Zinc Cladding system - Detailed Design by BES

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Steel Connections in 3d by BES

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Design Vs Constructed

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Our key value additions

BES high quality services has greatly helped not just designs, but includinng site implementation of this complex and iconic project. Fully resoled pre-construction details were prepared by BES, resulted better interfaces achieved at canopy, soffit cladding, ceiling and shopping facades.

Complex freef0rm facade element, BES has prepared detailed, design, engineering including steel structure, cladding fixing, interfaces which has helped the construction team to implement successfully. BES has prepared 3D Construction model for the element which has been helpful for design and constructions.

BES team has extensively involved with the mall envelope design and site quality control and implemented stringent site testing and followups.

High quality works and defects free facades achieved

  • Advanced Geometry Skills

    Fully Resolved Complex Freeform Geometry, delivered construction details

  • 3d Detailed designs

    Greatly helped successful implementation

  • Optimisation & Highly cost effective design solutions

    Less wastages and significant cost savings

  • Experiences with large projects

    And resolving complex interfaces, helped the project completion with high quality.