Bespoke Residential Windows

Design and Implementation of residential building facades

BES team works on variety of projects which requires bespoke residential Windows, where the ready to use systems are not an option. These challenges are due to several aspects such as architectural, functional, structural, operational etc,.

As our team has greater experiences on residential building facade design, which has given tremendous knowledge on be-spoke specialist design solutions, as these are best suit to the projects, highly economical and add values to the clients. Designs are not limited with availability, rather non-existing products or developed to suit the particular project designs.

Be-spoke Windows- Our Approach

Our track record on residential building facade design and approach gives confidence to our customers.

  • Out of the box approach, designs an non-existing
  • Creating a trend and bench marks
  • End to End involved, ie,. design to implement
  • Dedicated involved througout
  • Greater knowledge on window hardware
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Corner Bedroom Window

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  • L Shaped corner windows with Side hung
  • Frameless corner
  • Flush floor details
  • Slim frames
  • Laminated safety glass used
  • Pre-fabricated windows
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Large Living Room with Balcony

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  • Large living room with balcony
  • Doors integrated
  • Large openings for good ventilations
  • Engineered and well detailed
  • 3D designs and detailed by BES
  • Implemented on 45 sty tower
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Large Bedroom Window

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  • Large Bedroom winndows
  • Un-compromised views
  • Opening without obstructions
  • Large glass units, for great views
  • Designed for High rise tower
  • Robust designs
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Our Team Multi Discipline Skills

BES high quality services has greatly helped not just designs, but including site implementation of these challenging and iconic projects.  Detailed design and engineering at pre-construction stage was prepared by BES, resulted better facade interfaces upon completions. Project specific design challenges such as extreme local weather due to frequent storms, heavy rainfalls with high wind, etc were taken care resulted with robust high performance facade systems.

BES team has involved in details with mockups, trial fabrications, checking prior to mass productions. BES team has extensively involved with the site quality control and implemented stringent site testing and followups for the residential tower facades  These efforts has resulted high quality works which has been demonstrated with these buildings.

Our key Skills for the Successful implementations

  • Practical Approach

    Strongly focused with practical aspects

  • Robust & Yet Economical

    Rightly balanced with engineered and economical solutions

  • Time Tested flawless Designs by BES

    Designed and Engineered with simplicity

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