mall facade india

Completed building facade

best cladding

Freeform geometry by BES Advance Geometry

Freeform geometry by BES Advanced Techniques

Advanced engineering

3D model by BES for Construction

steel structures

Freeform steel structure -Engg and design by BES


Complex corner Cladding


Free form geometry with cladding


Completed facade- Night view

Esplanade Mall, Bhubaneshwar

Iconic Designed building envelope with Complex freeform Wrap  structure

BES scope includes concept to completion of the design element, responsibility includes detailed design, Advance geometry, preparing 3D construction model of freeform Wrap element.

BES has created the geometry from scratch, all freeform images presented are solely done by BES

Project Team

Client : Forum Projects Pvt Ltd
Architect : Practice Design, Mumbai
Project Status : Completed

What we did

Advance Geometry & Facade Design

  • Advance 3D Geometry skills implemented from concept to construction level of details,
  • Using the state of the art design tools and optimisation techniques to resolve complex free form
  • Multi discipline approach to design light weight architectural structure
  • Fabrication and construction methodologies
  • Complex steel works fabrication techniques