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Beau Monde Tower A


Beau Monde Tower C

window repair works

Internal Inspection by BES

Residential-windows defects

External Detailed inspection by BES


Rectification methods by BES

Beau Monde Residential, Mumbai

BES has been appointed by the building society for Tower A & C to inspect the entire building and provide recommendations for repairing works. BES has deputed senior specialist team having existing building investigations, the team has done extensive inspections both internal and external using Gondola.

Project Team

Client : Beau Monde Building Society

Project Status : Repair works in progress

Scope : Building Facade Inspections, Recommendations and monitoring

What we did

Inspections and Recommendations

BES Value Add:

  • Detailed level of inspections and diagnosis using senior experts
  • Understanding of similar tall building facade defects and issues
  • Ability to depute large site team and complete on time