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International Hospital, Hanoi- Vietnam

G+17 sty International hospital building at Hanoi, Vietnam. BES has been appointed by the Architect as the principle facade designers and consultants covering full spectrum of facade design from concept to site completion. BES scope includes customised facade designs and engineering.

Client : Sinh Phuc Truong Minh Ltd.

Architect : M Architects

Project Status : Under Construction

Scope : Building Envelope designs & Acoustic Consultancy Services

Facade Design & Engg.

BES Value Add:

  • Regional Experiences to work on challenging design conditions
  • Cost effective design solutions yet complying with international standards
  • Ability to standardise facade systems to suit stringent cost effective requirements

Acoustic Services : BES scope includes Acoustic scope covering external noise control and treatment for all internal Wall, service areas and critical spaces like meeting room, patient rooms etc,.