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Facade site water test - checking by BES

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water-leakage-diagnosis by BES

water-leakage-diagnosis by BES

Site Repair works monitor and verified by BES

Commercial building, Mumbai

G-15 Sty commercial building, BES has been appointed by the building developer to carry out a detailed site investigation on facade defects experienced with water leakages, glass breakages and other performance issues.

BES has deputed a senior facade specialists team and conducted a detailed internal and external checks with site water tests to identify route causes and given recommendations for repairing.

Client : Corporate and Real Estate Group

Building : G+15 commercial building (existing)

Project Status : Completed

Scope : Building Facade Defects Diagnosis, Rectification advise and supervision

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BES Value Add:

  • Senior level facade experts able to diagnose the defects more accurately rather than assumptions
  • Verified and time tested sequential checking methods
  • working on practical repairing methods with good understanding on ground level challenges
  • BES repairing methods has been executed by contractor and has been site tested
  • BES team monitor the rectification works
  • BES has demonstrated all rectification with site tests and has proven repair methods of BES has worked