Our Values

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Value Additions thro Technical Excellence

Our Building Envelope design and integration skills enable us to deliver high value and make a positive impact on the project outcome. Client focused, project specific flawless designs,  new ideas and provide practical solutions.

Slide Passion We are passionate by what we do, and we believe that our success depends on the total commitment to what we perform and on all our attention to the big and small details. We keep our team highly inspired at working and gain knowledge on design and practical aspects widgets Using Technologies Making best use of technologies and lead in adopting tech for design, engineering, softwares, construction technologies. We invest significant funds on software, tools, skills upgrade and research, to keep our team highly efficient and up to date. Arrive Best Solutions Deeply focused in designs and details to achieve well resolved design solutions. Quality time spent on designs, results Improved client’s confidence that always best possible solutions are delivered. Service quality monitored by internal quality control systems Strive for Quality Highest quality focused at every level, team and individual level. Well established internal protocol and quality system implemented. Team works in collaborations not just rely on individual knowledge. Working with highest service quality and standards.

4 Phase Optimisation

Our Design team uses cutting edge tools and techniques to achieve highest efficiency and economical yet robust designs. Adding significant technical and commercials values to our clients.

Slide Industrial designers with product designs and mechanical engg experienced will focus on extrusions, profiles shape optimisation. These enhancements will lead to savings in material weights, wastage and cost savings. This makes the designs highly effficient and economical Material Optimisations We don't just rely on codes, reports for wind loads and performances. Our hybrid approach uses combination of simulation and analytical results with statistical data of particular building locations. This will provide highly accurate design criteria and loads results most optimised designs. Performance Optimisations Engg Optimisations Advance engineering skills use Finite
Element (FEM) technique for 
accurate structural analysis, this 
approach will highlight risks of local
stress failures. Further our Non-linear
engineering approach aimed to 
achieve highly optimised structural 
sizes. Advance geometry skill will focus on 
panel modulations on whole building
approach to achieve highest material 
utilisation and yet comply with 
architectural design intent. This process 
is achieved with latest tools and 
technologies such as 3D parametric 
and panelling tools combined with 
practical knowledge
 Geometry Optimisations Industrial designers with production
and mechanical engineering experienced will focus on extrusion designs, thickness ratios, profile, shapes, etc.These small enhancements 
will have big impact on overall 
material reductions and reduce wastages Material Optimisations

Our Service Spectrum

Our Innovative approach doesn’t just stop at design, our greater involvement at the project implementations brings immense value to deliver high quality works. We collaborate with key stack holders at various stages of the project from concept to completion

Slide Geometry, Building Envelope, Sustainable design, material science, Buildability, Advanced Geometry, Complex forms, Iconic Buildings. Architects Appropriate Design, Balanced approach Cost Vs Design, Improved Quality, Enhanced building value, less maintenance Developers Close collaboration with Architects & Clients to make sure balanced approach ie,. Cost Vs Design from the inception to completion Concept Design Fully resolved design at pre-construction stage lead to time savings and avoid post tender contractual issues. Detailed Design Modern Technologies, design tools, Digital Fabrication, Industry knowledge, practical aspects, highly efficient designs Technology Experienced team to implement stringent Quality control right from material approval, fabrications, installation & finishes Implementation Client focused, project specific designs, experienced specialists, time tested and flawless designs, highly reputed Best Value In-depth knowledge and experience on existing buildings, using advance technology and innovative techniques Existing Buildings Retrofitting, Failure checks, Due Diligences.Senior experts having good knowledge and use high tech tools and gadgets Building Owners

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