BES spend significant time in researching and analysing trends in the Building Facade Industry and in the forefront of technologies and developments in the construction industry

BES team research on Glass visual defects and acceptable distortions, which is of major concerns with recent glazing products. This is irrespective of particular product, type rather widespread problems occurring on majority of high performance coated glass products. BES has made extensive research on this subject and studied various building facades across globe ie,. facades of USA, Europe and Asia. From these BES team has managed to find a way to control the glass specification and made trails at the glass processing resulted major improvement on glass visual quality of BES completed projects.
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glass visual defects
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Building Facade Conference at Colombo – BES presented an interesting technical paper “Energy Efficient Designs”

BES tech sharing-Cladding fire design
Study and understand failures and learn from international events, BES team is constantly endeavouring to research various trends and issues faced by the industry and share these to our clients.

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Tall Building Facades & Wind Engg.

BES team has presented an article on a leading structural engineering publishes, this is technical paper on designs of tall building facades and associated wind engineering challenges.

 Building facades Sri Lanka

High quality facades custom designed for High rise buildings of Sri Lanka -Paper presented at Society of Structural Engineers, Sri Lanka held 2016

BES facade tech sharing_July 2016facade thermal study from BES research team, we have dedicated research team to make in-depth studies on specific challenges and share knowledge internally and externally.

Out strong participation with international conferences, technical sharing and publications covering wide interests and technologies of the construction industry and design community.

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Glazette Glass Academy in association with Glazette is proud to bring to you a series of Webinars on Building Envelope Design, Best Practices in Facade Design and Innovative Materials for Facade design.

Iconic Projects Delivered

BES has impressive track record of unique architectural designs delivered with high quality. The team has played key role in several successfully completed projects in the region.

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Completed Building Facade

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3D rendered views by BES

GRC cladding designs

Detailed Design and Engg by BES

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Installation methods by BES

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Installation Progress

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Internal view - Typical office


Completed Facade - GRC design and integrated by BES

Mondeal Heights facade

Completed Facade - Detailed designed and quality control by BES