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We have greater emphasize on technical excellence on all our works, we believe our unique capability of offering integrated multi discipline will greatly benefit our clients and projects. We have proven track record in our ability to bring the skills and technologies needed for any challenging project requirements, our expertise covering new built and existing buildings.

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Research and Publishes

We are active in international conferences, experts networks and publishes, we are passisonate with latest trends, technologies in Building designs. We make significant investment and dedicated team for R&D, data analysis, knowledge management which will help our team to be upfront on latest trends. This helps our clients get highest level of service quality and appropriate design solutions.

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Our strong knowledge on Architectural building materials and up to date skills technologies, latest trends, innovative materials will greatly help to bring great ideas. Dedicated team members in dealing with materials research, studying applications and practical aspects.


External Links

Building envelope & technical resources and knowledge are highly valuable to share, often these informations are handy for a quick references. Few interesting web links are shared.