We are in the forefront of innovations and technologies of Architectural materials

BES helps clients/designers for the appropriate applications of Architectural materials to avoid risks of poor performances and failures. We have a dedicated team and resources for research on materials and develop designs to implement on real projects.

Our team focus on latest trends and architectural materials brings innovations and interesting ideas to the project we work with. Our strong knowledge on Architectural building materials and up to date skills technologies, latest trends, innovative materials will greatly help to successfully implement iconic architectural designs.

Not Just Glass and Cladding

We have experience in working natural finishes such as concrete enhanced with decorative finishes, patterns, etc,. These are International trends and latest construction finishes. Furthermore we are passionate with other natural materials such as various types of stones, light weight pre-cast, etc. Out team deeper knowledge in design and construction techniques, helps to work on any new materials, unconventional buildups and using local and natural materials.

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Variety of Building Materials and Unusual Design Elements we deal with

GRC patterns designed by BES for an on-going project, BES has involved with detailed design, engineering and implementation of the interesting architectural design element. We have in depth knowledge on GRC from design to installations, able to prepare highly practical design solutions for various forms of GRC such as panels, screens, ornamental etc,

Our team has expertise with GRC and successfully designed and implemented on large architectural applications such as Mondeal Heights

Material Research

Our in-house material research team has greater expertise in latest materials, performances, defects, issues etc,. We don’t just believe in what we see, our team carryout detailed in-depth analysis of materials, characteristics, behaviours. Furthermore we go through testing and verification process to implement any materials.

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Verification by Testing

Our deeper knowledge on material behaviours on fire propagation with test verifications will help the client. Recommendations are based on strong technical backup and building specific, help the building owners with most suitable rectification strategies