We are an international design firm offering a wide range of professional services including engineering, technologies, design and consulting in the specialist field of Building Envelopes / facade Engineering / Architectural Engineering / Existing Buildings. BES brings together team of highly specialist broad minded individuals having wide range of disciplines, with strong international experiences. The firm has a creative working environment for the team to produce inspirational designs and promote an unconventional approach for design issues.

Glazing engineers

Our Strength

We have greater emphasize on technical excellence on all our works, we believe our unique capability of offering integrated multi discipline will greatly benefit our clients and projects. We have proven track record in our ability to bring the skills and technologies needed for any challenging project requirements, our expertise covering new built and existing buildings. We strongly believe our International Experience + Local knowledge + Local presence will greatly influence for a positive impact on a project.

We have a strong team of professionally trained facade specialists for building facade site work supervisions, monitoring, implementing qualities on ground.

Honest and Highly Ethical business practise, most trusted in the industry

Our International Network of Experts and Specialists

Rajan Govind

Director | Facade Specialist

Andrew Snalune

Associate | Facade Designer

Jeff Jia

Associate | Facade Engineer

Naveen Kumar

Associate | Facade & 3D Specialist


Associate | Facade Specialist

Core Team (Supported by a large technical team)

Rajan Govind ( Director| Facade Specialist )

Rajan has 25 years of international experience within the facade industry, out of which he has served more than 11 years at Arup. With Structural engineering background Rajan has good overall facade specialist experience. Rajan has gained working experiences in various regions such as Asia, Middle East and Australia.

He has successfully delivered several prestigious projects with integrated facade designs, involving 3D design, complex engineering and building integration. He is a Certified SGMM (Singapore Green Mark Manager), enable him to understand sustainable design requirements from Architectural and practical perspectives.

He has technically lead, managed and delivered several large projects with highly practical and efficient designs resulted successful implementations. With his extensive International and regional experience with on-going leading role on number of projects he has attained extensive knowledge on façade and construction industry in the region. Known face to regional facade industry and he has attained good reputation with high quality works completed. Several clients seek his expert advises and technical knowledge on complex issues related to buildings and facades for new built and existing buildings.

Andrew Snalune (Associate | Facade Designer)

Andrew has more than 23 years of international experience within the facade industry, including new built and existing buildings. He has worked in several regions such as UK, Europe, Australia, China, Malaysia and Singapore. He has involved with several new built projects and investigation of existing building facades related to stone and cladding failures. Andrew has good knowledge on various forms of constructions including concrete, steel, stone and glazing, his material knowledge on various façade materials has helped to resolve complex façade design issues.

His practical construction knowledge has helped in several existing building façade investigations and new built designs. Andrew has regional facade industry experiences covering Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China. He has detailed involved in several iconic tall buildings completed such as MBS Singapore, Jiu Shi Tower, Shanghai,  KLCC Convention Centre, Malaysia. Having strong knowledge of facade systems design and fabrications, Andrew has greater level of skills to produce any complex designs and help the facade contractor to fabricate and successfully implement.

He has worked with Permasteelisa (Singapore) late 2000 (year) as a Design Lead Manager and delivered several Singapore projects such as National Library Building.

Jeff Jia (Associate | Facade Engineer)

Jeff has more than 20 years of façade design and implementation experience within Singapore façade industry including 11 years with Arup. Strong familiarity with civil and industrial structural engineering and façade design application. Good experiences with leading International Code of practices for structural engineering of Architectural and building steelworks, facades, glazing and cladding works.

He has been actively working in the Singapore Façade region and has gained very good knowledge and specialist experience on building facades. He is currently responsible for the design coordination and managing design team to deliver complex and iconic designs. His duties include designing various façade system, glazing, aluminium or steel frame, details of joints and connections, aluminium extrusion, gasket extrusion, solving site issues, reviewing submissions by others, etc.

Jeff has specific experiences in implementation and fabrications, which helps in reviewing contractor’s shop drawings and resolving site and complex interface issues. His combined skills and Design & engineering of facades helped several Singapore projects implemented successfully. Jeff has good experiences on existing building facades inspections, rectifications and replacement works. He is BCA certified / qualified for Building Facade Inspections.

Naveen Kumar (Associate | Facade & 3D Specialist)

Naveen has 16 years of overall facade industry experience, with 3 years working experience at Arup (Singapore Office) He has worked with leading international façade contractors and involved with design and implementation of complex projects. He has mechanical engineering and industrial background, this unique skill set enable him to deliver greater level of details for bespoke facade systems, interfaces with good understanding of practical aspects. He has good 3D design, Advance Geometry and integration skills using cutting edge design and 3D tools. He works at advance level on several leading 3D software such as Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, etc,.

His multi discipline skills and advance level of knowledge and creative thinking, enabling him as a specialist design integrator for complex façade engineering / Building Envelop Designs. He has lead design and site team for the successful completion of several iconic projects such as Esplanade Mall, Lupin Research Park, The Park involving high rise building, complex facades and interesting designs.

Venugopal (Associate | Façade Specialist)

Venugopal has 16 years of overall facade industry experience including working experience at Arup (Singapore Façade Group). He has structural engineering background with facade design and implementation experience. His unique skills including resolving complex engineering designs such as 3D Structures, Cable nets, light weight systems, steel and glazing structures. Venugopal has greatly involved and delivered various complex facade projects such as Mondeal Square, Mondeal Heights, Omkar 1973, etc,. He has gained good site execution experience on few complex facade implementations such as Mumbai New Terminal (T2) cable net and skylights in which he has attained highly specialist construction techniques and advance construction engineering techniques.

He has performed duties of Quality control manager in implementing high quality requirements. He has right mix of design and practical experiences which makes Venugopal to produce, manage and deliver complex facade solutions.