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Our Core Values

Our design integration skills enable us to deliver high value to our clients and make a positive impact on the project outcome. Our Greatest values are



4-Phase Optimisation Techniques

Our Design Team apply multi faceted optimisations on all our works

Material Optimisation

Industrial designers with production and mechanical engineering skills applied to extrusion designs, thickness ratios, profile shapes, etc,. These enhancements will have greater positive impact on overall material reductions, reduce wastage, ease of fabrications and most importantly cost reductions.

Geometry Optimisation

Advance geometry skills will focus on panel modulations on whole building approach to achieve highest material utilisation and yet comply with architectural design intent. This process is achieved with latest tools and technologies such as 3D parametric and panelling tools combined with practical implementation knowledge

Engineering Optimisation

Advance engineering skills use Finite Element (FEM) technique for accurate structural analysis, this approach will highlight risks of local stress failures. Further our Non-linear engineering apporach aimed to achieve highly optimise structural sizes which in many cases achieved smaller sizes than typical linear approach structural engineering.

Wind Engineering -Hybrid Approach

We dont just rely on wind codes or wind tunnel reports alone. Our hybrid approach uses combination of CFD simulation results and statistical wind data of particular terrain data. This leads to highly acccurate wind pressures often result in overall reductions on design wind pressures and yet comply with relevant local code approach.

Value Engineering & Optimised Design

Our Design Process

Our design fundamentals are integrated with value engineering at each stages, our key strengths are delivering cost effective design solutions for any complex and unique designs.


Service Spectrum

Our Service Spectrum

Our Innovative approach doesn’t just stop at design, our greater involvement at the project implementations brings immense value to deliver high quality works.Print